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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic, Chiropractor, Chiropractic care, Chiropractic adjustment

Your path to spine & nervous system health

Chiropractic care focuses on disorders of the muscles, bones & nervous system and their effects on the rest of the body in those of all ages and life stages. Chiropractic offers a hands on, drug free approach health & wellness beginning with the spine and your nutrition.

Chiropractic care involves the chiropractic adjustment in which the doctor's hands manually adjust the joints of the body to restore function often reducing pain and inflammation as a result. The chiropractic adjustment is often accompanied by a "pop" noise called a joint cavitation. This sound is caused by the release of naturally accumulated gases in the fluid surrounding the joint being treated. This build-up of gases can cause slight misalignments within the joint that require a precise and skillful adjustment in order to be released. Pain often results from these misalignments as they put stress on the surrounding muscles, ligaments & nerves.

Chiropractic care may also involve the use of heat, ice, kinesiotaping, therapeutic ultrasound, massage (manual) or instrument assisted soft tissue manipulations and recommendations of exercises or stretches to prevent reinjury.

Conditions We Help With:
  • Neck, mid & low back pain

    • In a study funded by NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to test the effectiveness of different approaches for treating mechanical neck pain, 272 participants were divided into three groups that received either spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) from a doctor of chiropractic (DC), pain medication (over-the-counter pain relievers, narcotics and muscle relaxants) or exercise recommendations. After 12 weeks, about 57 percent of those who met with DCs and 48 percent who exercised reported at least a 75 percent reduction in pain, compared to 33 percent of the people in the medication group. After one year, approximately 53 percent of the drug-free groups continued to report at least a 75 percent reduction in pain; compared to just 38 percent pain reduction among those who took medication. Bronfort et al. (2012), Annals of Internal Medicine

    • "Manual-thrust manipulation provides greater short-term reductions in self-reported disability and pain compared with usual medical care. 94% of the manual-thrust manipulation group achieved greater than 30% reduction in pain compared with 69% of usual medical care." Schneider et al (2015), Spine 

  • Headaches

    • “Cervical spine manipulation was associated with significant improvement in headache outcomes in trials involving patients with neck pain and/or neck dysfunction and headache.” McCrory, Penzlen, Hasselblad, Gray (2001), Duke Evidence Report

  • Pelvic & sacral pain, especially associated with pregnancy

  • Poor posture

  • Sciatica

  • Radiculopathy

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Muscle spasm & strain

  • Ligament sprain

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder

  • Fibromyalgia

    • We provide symptom co-management to decrease discomfort and increase range of motion

  • Maintenance & Wellness Care

    • Prevent your aches & pains from returning whether you have a chronic condition or are looking to stay active & healthy

Helpful Tips to Prevent Back Pain: by the ACA
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

  • Remain active—under the supervision of your doctor of chiropractic.

  • Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest.

  • Warm up or stretch before exercising or physical activities, such as gardening.

  • Maintain proper posture.

  • Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.

  • Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness to minimize any curve in your spine.

  •  Lift with your knees, keep the object close to your body, and do not twist when lifting.

  • Quit smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues.

  • Work with your doctor of chiropractic to ensure that your computer workstation is ergonomically correct.


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