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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you take my insurance?

A:  We do not directly bill any insurance companies. Instead, can we provide a "superbill" or a detailed receipt that the patient submits to the their insurance company after their visit if chiropractic care is covered by your plan and you'd like to seek reimbursement. You can find what your coverage looks like by logging into your insurance's website or calling the number of your card.

Q:  Do you take Medicare?

A:  We are non-participating with Medicare. It is more cost conscious for those with Medicare to see a Medicare participating provider. We can recommend someone locally who does participate in Medicare. We are not accepting new Medicare patients at this time, but are happy to supply a referral.

Q:  Can I bring my kids to my appointment?

A:  Absolutely! Dr. Kristin loves kids and is happy to meet yours. In fact, consider scheduling them an appointment too! There are many reasons children benefit from chiropractic care.

Q:  Why would my child need to be adjusted?

A:  This is a great question and the answer is two-fold. Some children are experiencing symptoms which may or may not include pain. Children that hold their head tilted to one side, prefer breastfeeding on one side only, fall often (maybe from learning to walk or balance issues), experience frequent ear infections, reflux, constipation or bed-wetting may have an underlying muscle or nervous system imbalance that chiropractic can help to heal.  Other children are seen just for general wellness or help meeting milestones in a timely manner. Kids are growing (and falling!) constantly which puts their body, muscles & nervous system under stress and these types of stressors can cause spinal misalignments. Clearing these misalignments can lead to a healthier more optimal life and growth cycle.

Q:  Is it safe to be adjusted while pregnant?

A:  YES, and highly recommended! During pregnancy, the body is changing in many ways to provide a safe house for your growing baby. When hormones increase, the ligaments that provide stability to your joints relax (as they should) to allow things to move around providing room for baby and preparing for the birth process. As these ligaments relax, muscles can tighten (spasm) to protect from too much movement of these joints, They can even press on nerves causing pain.  Chiropractic adjustments are modified during pregnancy to be gentle and specific to the pelvis using Webster Technique. Many OBGYNs and Midwives recommend chiropractic care during pregnancy not just for pain relief but as general self-care and stress relief!  More information is available here.

Q:  Something came up and I need to change my appointment!

A:  No problem! We offer online scheduling for just this reason. Life comes up, and while your self-care or pain relief is important, we want you to be able to accommodate your life and reschedule your appointment as needed. Haven't used online scheduling before? Visit the Schedule An Appointment page and try it out! Here you can make your appointment, change the time or day of your appointment (up to 24 hours prior) or even cancel if needed. Dr. Kristin is also happy to walk you through the process if you need assistance.

Q:  Someone told me that once you start seeing a chiropractor you have to go all the time. Is that true?

A:  Your appointments aren't mandatory and we can't make you come. Many people begin seeing a chiropractor because they are experiencing pain or other symptoms. We recommend regular appointments until you are 100% out of pain. After your pain has subsided, we release you from acute care and regular frequent appointments. Many patients choose to continue with wellness visits to prevent re-injury, stay healthier, maintain good posture, and reduce the effects of life stress on their bodies. Depending on your work and lifestyle, wellness care visits are typically once every 3 - 6 weeks, unless a new problem arises. These patients can feel the difference of a having a well adjusted body vs. a stressed body and know that it feels good to be adjusted and in alignment.

Q:  I'm in pain. How often do I need to be seen?

A:  This answer is made on a patient by patient basis. The goal of chiropractic care is to help your body heal itself more efficiently by removing interference in the nervous system caused by muscle and joint dysfunction, and to improve your pain-free range of motion. Everyone's body responds differently to chiropractic care. Some are fast healers with only a few adjustments to find 100% relief, some take longer. During your first appointment, Dr. Kristin will discuss your exam findings and how many visits are likely to be needed.

Q:  What does a first appointment look like?

A:  During your first appointment, you and Dr. Kristin will discuss your personal and family medical history, your current complaint or wellness goals. A physical exam will be completed including an evaluation of your muscles and nerves, along with orthopedic tests specific to your area of complaint. These tests help Dr. Kristin diagnose the cause of your symptoms and treat it appropriately and specifically. Depending on the outcomes of your exam, you will be treated during this first visit. Dr. Kristin uses a variety of soft tissue techniques to address muscle imbalance & tension followed by a chiropractic joint manipulation (adjustment).  X-rays will only be ordered if medically necessary or in the case of trauma in accordance to recommended guidelines.

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