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Wellness Care

Chiropractic Care Maintains Balance

Rock Balancing

Did you know that even if you aren't having back or neck pain chiropractic care can benefit your body? Just as regular dental cleanings  keep your mouth healthy, regular wellness chiropractic care keeps your spine at its best, too.

Wellness care provides your body with the clarity it needs to function at its optimal level. Here are just a few of the benefits some experience:

  • Better performance in sports

  • Faster recovery and healing

  • Physical stress relief

  • Helps your body clear congestion better by encouraging lymph drainage

  • Prevention of recurring injuries and headaches

  • Prevention of degenerative spinal conditions caused by repetitive use/stress on the joints (prolonged sitting, standing, bending, reaching, etc)

  • Maintaining good posture at all ages

  • May help relieve physical stressors that impact infertility (often caused by poor lifestyle habits, poor nutrition, high stress, or improper nervous system function)

  • Prevents/Reduces the amount of aches/pains associated with the postural changes of pregnancy

  • Decreases labor time on average by 25% in a first pregnancy and 31% in additional pregnancies

  • Maintains balance in the pelvis during pregnancy which may provide the most room possible for your growing baby to find optimal positioning

  • Removes nerve interference to your organs allowing them to function at their peak

  • May provide some relief of constipation, gas, colic, reflux, asthma, ADHD, bed-wetting, and growing pains in kids

  • Excellent co-management for children's ear infections to help drain stagnant middle ear fluid and heal faster

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