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Supplement Spotlight: TheraNatal Lactation Complete

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Did you know that your nutrient requirements change after giving birth?

If your requirements change, why would you continue to take the same prenatal you took during pregnancy? Sure, you can and it won’t hurt you, but you could be doing more for your body and your little one by switching to a postnatal! (Not to mention, taking less individual supplements.)

  • During the 3rd trimester, your body needs extra iron that you don’t need postpartum. This postnatal, contains less iron since you no longer have the extra blood supply support.

  • If you’re breastfeeding (fully or partially), your baby must be given vitamin D. There are two ways to achieve this: Vitamin D drops (400 IU) given directly to your newborn; or you can increase your own Vitamin D intake to 6,400 IU so that enough is passed to them through breastmilk. This supplement contains 6,400 IU; so, no more baby drops!

  • It contains Choline, which many prenatals do not (Choline is extremely important during pregnancy btw). Your requirement of Choline is higher during breastfeeding than any other time in your life! It is supporting your baby’s growth and brain development. Studies show that getting enough choline prenatally and during childhood is linked to improved learning, visual-spatial skills and memory later in life. Baby’s born to those who have choline in their prenatal vitamin also have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can reduce chronic diseases later in life.

  • They contain Biotin! Biotin, zinc, vitamins E & C are needed postpartum to prevent and help repair postpartum hair loss. You’ll find all of these nutrients in this postpartum supplement.

  • The box is a 91-day supply, with daily packets label by the day of the week so you remember if you took them. I love the convenience!

  • No artificial dyes. Gluten free. Dairy free. Shellfish allergy safe. (If you avoid cow products, please note this gelatin capsule is bovine.)

These postnatal vitamins cost just less than 75cents per day (same as their prenatal)!

To purchase TheraNatal Lactation Complete: Click this link to read about and add this supplement to your cart at and our PRC will be automatically added to your cart. Using our Provider Referral Code (PRC) at checkout will provide you with discount on your total purchase!

*Reminder: Postnatal self care doesn’t stop with your nutrients. Postnatal Chiropractic can help with your body with common aches and pains, postural stress from infant care and feeding positions, and help with restoring your core and pelvic stability.

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