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Chiropractic Well Care

You don’t have to be in pain or having a flare up to seek Chiropractic care. Wellness care, sometimes called maintenance care, is an optional continuation of care that provides those who allow themselves this #selfcare a way to take care of minor issues before they progress, prevent their common discomforts from returning, and prevent re-injury.

Well care is like attending your twice annual teeth cleaning.. It helps to prevent larger issues like degeneration (just like dental cavities) from occurring. Just like your teeth feel amazing afterwards, many patients note how good their bodies feel to be adjusted regularly.

Who needs wellness care

● Those who have sedentary jobs, work from home, sit most of the day, or work at a desk are more likely to have postural issues that need regular attention. Having a regular routine of muscle work and adjustments (Chiropractic Care) can prevent these postural stresses from causing pain and later spinal degeneration.

● Those who are on their feet all day, especially if you are lifting, reaching, bending, moving other persons, or doing a repetitive activity most of the day. Repetitive activities are one of the most common causes of injury.

Pregnancy! While most experience some type of musculoskeletal pain (Read more here) during pregnancy, not all do! Even without these discomforts, Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can maintain the pelvic balance needed for baby to find optimal positioning (they get more room), and will reduce your time spent in labor by 25-31%.

Babies (Read more here) should be adjusted regularly to help them achieve their milestones in a timely manner. Their nervous system is growing tremendously fast during these years; Chiropractic nourishes it along the way.

Toddlers learning how to walk fall down on average 38 times per day. Ouch! Their pelvis and sacrum should be evaluated for misalignments due to these falls.

What to expect during a well care visit

● Let us know of any new areas of concern/discomfort, if present.

○ If new things arise, a proper exam of that area will take place to decide if it is still

well care or an acute issue

○ This is also your opportunity to tell us about any health, work, or lifestyle changes

(Ex1: you’re participating in an opera next month and have increased physical &

emotional stress; -OR- Ex2: You’re suddenly working from home with no proper desk)

● If there’s nothing new, Dr. Kristin will address any tight muscles found and areas of restricted motion in your spine to keep you moving at your best!

● We can discuss ways to improve your health, nutrition, or support other diagnosed conditions with nutrition supplement support.

● Exercises or stretches can be given to prevent injuries based on your job or lifestyle.

Ultimately, we want to keep you moving in life and prevent you having to see us for pain 1-2x week for a few weeks. Wellness visits are recommended at a frequency that specific to you, your job, and lifestyle, with considerations of nutrition and exercise.

Read more about wellness care here.


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